Professional Appraiser

Tony Pernicone has been appraising since the early 1980's and through the American Society of appraisers, since 1991. He is the Director of the Personal Property Discipline for the Northern California Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers.

Personal Property (PP) is defined as tangible, movable property that is utilitarian, collectible, and decorative, or a combination of the three. This definition includes items such as paintings and prints from all cultures and centuries, antiques, sculptures, photography, posters, toys, commercial advertising, musical instruments, professional camera equipment, fine watercraft or automobiles, silver flatware, gems and jewelry, books and manuscripts,  firearms,  general and other household contents, sports, clocks, textiles, wine, and more.

A qualified professional accredited PP appraiser will focus on one or more of the following specialties, and may also work with other specialists as required. Accreditation requires, amongst other things, passing rigorous technical examinations as well as peer review of the applicant's appraisal reports. If the items you need appraising are outside of the scope of Mr. Pernicone's areas of expertise, there's a wealth of appraisers he can recommend from the Northern California Chapter or any Chapter around the country.

ASA Personal Property Members Meet All Valuation Needs

  1. Insurance Coverage

  2. Damage Claims

  3. IRS Charitable Donations

  4. Estates & Estate Planning

  5. Dissolution of Marriage

  6. Equitable Distribution

  7. Sale & Purchase

  8. Merger & Acquisition

  9. Disputes

  10. Family Division

  11. Litigation Support

The NorCal Chapter also include Personal Property

appraisers with more than 20 years’ experience in

expert witness services for attorneys, corporations,

insurance companies, and private clients; in all of

the aforementioned categories; in conformance with all IRS requirements; collection inventory and documentation; estate planning and equitable distribution; ASA-accredited appraisers make credible witnesses because of their education, experience, and adherence to recognized standards, and because they subscribe to the USPAP code of ethics, established by the Appraisal Foundation. Their appraisals are accurate (based on sound methodology), reliable (repeatable), and trustworthy (ethical).

In 2004, he was asked to appraise the estate of the world-renowned surrealist artist, Gordon Onslow Ford, for the Lucid Art Foundation. And, in 2005, the estate for Gerome Kamrowski, who often collaborated with such artists as Jackson Pollack, William Baziotes and Robert Motherwell; Kamrowski was at the forefront of the development of American Surrealism and the Abstract Expressionism movements. In 2008, through his association with Franklin Bowles Galleries, he appraised the estate for Lev Meshberg; who in 1967 was named one of the six best painters in Russia. And most recently, in 2009, he appraised the estate of the highly acclaimed surrealist painter and sculptor, Enrico Donati, and in 2010, the estate for the Bay Area artist, John Anderson. This experience has helped add a new facet to his business as an artist's estate appraiser.

Rembrandt's etching "The Three Crosses" Crucifixion, c. 1623


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